PHENOSELF publications

Edited book

The Sense of Mineness, co-edited with Manuel García-Carpintero for Oxford University Press (in preparation).

This volume of new essays will focus on the experience of ‘mineness’ or ‘me-ness’, exploring three broad questions: “Does it exist?” (the existence question); “What is it?” (the essence question); and “What is it for?” (the explanatory question). The phenomenon will be studied across different domains, including perception, bodily self-awareness, inner speech, action, emotion, and memory.


Thinking of oneself as the thinker: The concept of self and the phenomenology of intellection. Philosophical Explorations. 2016. Near final draft | Published version

The indexical word “I” has traditionally been assumed to be an overt analogue to the concept of self, and the best model for understanding it. This approach, I argue, overlooks the essential role of cognitive phenomenology in the mastery of the concept of self. I suggest that a better model is to be found in a different kind of representation: phenomenal concepts. (More…)

I Me Mine: on a Confusion Concerning the Subjective Character of Experience. Review of Philosophy and Psychology. 2016. Published version | Enhanced PDF 

I argue that much discussion of the subjective character of experience is affected by a conflation between three different notions, which I label “for-me-ness”, “me-ness” and “mineness”. I argue that these notions are not conceptually equivalent. Empirical considerations based on clinical cases additionally suggest that the three notions may also correspond to different properties. (More…)