PHENOSELF conference

Please note: due to limited space, it is unfortunately no longer possible to register for Day 1 of the conference. However, all are welcome to attend Day 2.

The Concept of Self

6th and 7th March 2017

Institute of Philosophy, Senate House, London

The concluding conference of the project will ask how the concept of self works, both from a semantic and from a psychological point of view. Different semantic models of the concept of self will be compared. We will also discuss different types of self-experience in which the self-concept might be grounded. One question will be whether the psychological mechanisms from which the self-concept might plausibly arise favour some of the competing semantic models over others.


Discussants include Minyao Huang (Cambridge), Alisa Mandrigin (Warwick) and Raphaël Millière (Oxford).

Please check regularly for updates on the programme and abstracts. Some practical information is available here.

Sponsors: the Marie Curie project PHENOSELF, the Philosophy Department at University College London and the Institute of Philosophy